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Kolene's molten salt processes are widely used by major heavy equipment manufacturers to remove paint, soils, carbon deposits and the like from heads, blocks, turbochargers and some
"bolt-on" components during remanufacturing operations.

Advantages over competing methods include
100% complete cleaning with minimal secondary operations required.  In addition, the risk of residual blast media from some methods is eliminated, decreasing warranty costs and improving final remanufactured product reliability.  Rapid process speeds help to increase production throughput, with cleaning cycle turnaround times of an hour or less possible.

These engine cleaning processes are also applicable to general automotive / light truck engine remanufacturing operations.

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Kolene processes are specified by major jet engine manufacturers for removing service scale and oxides from combustion hot section components during jet engine MRO operations.  Our processes are also used for the removal of wear-resistant coatings such as tungsten carbide and chromium carbide, in preparation for component inspection and recoating.

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